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Master Of Medicine In Human Pathology

Degree Code: H63

Duration: 3

Faculty/School/Institute offered: SCHOOL OF MEDICINE


There has been steady increase in the demand for laboratory back-up of in-patient care in this country as evidenced by the development of laboratory services, not only at the national referral hospital, but at district hospital level as well. The need has become more apparent with the increased staffing of provincial hospitals with specialists of clinical disciplines. If laboratory back up is to be effectively realized, pathologists are required to man the laboratories. A post-graduate training programme in laboratory medicine in the University of Nairobi should produce the appropriate specialist pathologists.

It is envisaged that, initially, such specialists will have to be general pathologists who will be proficient in manning a general laboratory which handles all pathology investigations relevant to patient care in this country. Such training in general pathology would form the foundation for sub-specialization in other branches of pathology.