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Bachelor Of Commerce

Degree Code: D33

Duration: 4

Faculty/School/Institute offered: SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Module II Entry Requirements

1. The B.Com programme will run for a minimum of eight semesters and a maximum of 24 semesters from the date of registration.

2. The minimum semester load shall be two course units and the maximum shall be six course units.

3. Each course unit in the programme has a loading of a minimum of 45 hours

4. The programme is organized into two parts, Part I consisting of year/level I and Year/level II; and part II consisting of year/level III and year/level IV.

  • Registration for Part II course units requires successful completion of Part I course units.

  • Students may take any course unit offered by any option as their elective as long as they meet the relevant prerequisites.

5. A student may take any course unit offered in other Faculties of the University of Nairobi in addition to the required course units in the Faculty of Commerce subject to approval by the Faculties involved. Such course units will appear in the candidate's transcript but shall not contribute to the requirements of the degree of Bachelor of Commerce.