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Collaborative Agreement between the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences and the University of Washington School of Medicine and Pubic Health and Community Medicine.

Collaborations Goals:  Accomplishing the work entitled Prevention of HIV Shedding in Women: Trial of Vitamin A.

Duration:  Note: This is a one (1) year extension of the Agreement which is to expire on 31/12/05. Initial Mou was 10 years

Date Signed:  2005-01-24

Status:  active

Colloration Areas:  Continue with the existing joint research programme. [Involves training of postdoctoral fellows in the fields of Infectious diseases and epidemiology; foster International collaborative research on HIV/AIDS; Strengthen teaching technical expertise, and facilities of the UON School of Medicine; and provide a research experience in international health for medical students from the U.S.A.]

Co-ordinator:  Dr. W.O. Jaoko

Participating Units:  MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY