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University of Nairobi


The Department of Educational Communication and Technology was established in 1972 as a component of the Faculty of Education. It was located in the Education Building at main campus. The department was re-located to the College of Education and External studies in 1988 upon re-establishment of the Faculty of Education. 

The role of the Department is to equip students of education with knowledge, competencies, orientation and ability to carry out effective teaching. The department transforms students into teachers by offering courses in general methods of teaching, subject methods educational technology, production of teaching and learning resources and media, micro-teaching and teaching practice. 

The department has also launched courses in Early childhood Education, which are taken by students at certificate, diploma and degree levels.


The Department of Educational Communication and Technology must in the light of the present challenges make adjustments in its programs, operational principles and relationships. The Department needs to:

  • improve work environment including provision of necessary facilities, equipment and space for staff to ensure provision of quality teaching.

  • develop programs relevant to the market and societal demands.

  • increase the resource base through expansion of income generating ventures,.

  • pursue establishment of partnerships and linkages

  • Facilitate the implementation of government and university policy and guidelines.


    The vision is to be a center of professional excellence committed to development of competence in teaching and research.


    The mission of the Department is to achieve excellence by conducting effective teaching, research and consultancy in the areas of pedagogy, educational technology and early childhood Education.


    The Core values of the Department are:

  • commitment to high quality teaching informed by research and consultancy

  • dedication to the attainment of excellence

  • upholding of the ethics and etiquette of teaching, research and consultancy.

  • impartiality in assessment and evaluation of performance.

  • Interaction with all stakeholders.