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University of Nairobi


In the fifth year of study, the students are to specialise in any of the following areas:

  • Environmental Engineering,

  • Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering,

  • Power and Machinery Systems Engineering,

  • Process and Food Engineering and

  • Structures Engineering

  • The options also apply in postgraduate studies i.e. masters and Ph.D

    Environmental Engineering involves the application of the science and art of engineering to the design and management in the open systems of natural resources of air, soil and water in order to minimize the adverse impact of human activities and other processes on the natural environment. This ensures the sustainable development and environmental protection. The specific applications include integrated pollution control, waste management and recycling and design of biologically based systems to protect the natural environment. By combining expertise in the environmental sciences and engineering design, Environmental and Biosystems Engineers understand both how natural systems are impacted and how to eliminate unwanted consequences.

    Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering is application of the science and art of engineering to the planning, design and management of systems for control and utilization of water resources for industrial, amenity, domestic and livestock consumption, irrigation and the drainage of excess water from fields.

    Power and Machinery Engineering is the design and management of energy systems, machinery and implements for production and processing in agriculture, forestry, amenity, aquaculture and related biology based production and processing systems.

    Process and Food Engineering involves the application of the science and art of engineering to the mechanical, chemical, thermal and other physical processes involved in the primary and secondary processing of food, fibre and other raw materials from agriculture, forestry and land and water environment in general.

    Structures Engineering involves the planning, design and management of buildings and other structures for human habitation, production, storage and processing of biology based products from agriculture, forestry, food and other bioprocess industries and water and the environment in general.