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University of Nairobi

PostGraduate Dissertations

Quality of ANC in respect to Assessment of anaemia among women delivering at Pumwani Maternity Hospital MH 2005.

  • The Prevalence of domestic violence among female patients attending gynecology clinic at Kenyatta National Hospital 2005.

  • Dr. S. Kuria

    Supervisors: Dr. E. Bukusi

    Dr. O. Gachuno

    Dr. Tekle

  • The prevalence of HIV in pregnancy and knowledge of PMTCT among antenatal mothers at Narok District Hospital 2005.

  • Contraceptive knowledge, practice and attitude among Maasai men in Narok District.

  • Dr. Caren Francis Otulo

    Supervisors: Prof. J. G. Karanja.

    Dr. E. A. Bukusi.

  • A twelve year review of maternal mortality rate (MMR) in Aga Khan Hospital 1992 2003.

  • Seroprevalence of HIV antibodies among patients with cancer of the cervix at KNH 2005.

  • Dr. S. I. O. Maranga

    Supervisors: Dr. E. Cheserem.

    Dr. D. Mwangi

  • Current practice in the management of HIV positive women by obstetricians in Nairobi 2005.

  • KAP of phortscasts and phosneutical technologists in Nairobi, Kenya, towards emergency contraception 2005.

  • Dr. M. O. T. Asimba

    Supervisors: Dr. W. Khisa

    Dr. O. Gachuno.

  • Pregnancy outcomes in mothers with advanced HIV disease 2005.

  • Operative Gynaecologic laparoscopic surgery at KNH 2005.

  • Dr. J. W. Musana

    Supervisors: Prof. S. B. O. Ojwang

    Dr. W. Khisa.

  • Assessment of acceptability of counseling and testing for HIV at ANC St. Mary's Mission Hospital Nairobi 2005.

  • Review of Dysfunctional uterine bleeding at KNH.

  • Dr. A. M. Mokomba

    Supervisors: Dr. S. H. M. Wanjala.

    Dr. N. R. Mugo.

  • Review of management of abnormal PAP smear at KNH colposcopy clinic 2005.

  • The role of routine cross-match of blood in elective caesarean section at KNH 2005.

  • Dr. T. Harrison Tamooh

    Supervisors: Dr. J. B. O. Oyieke

    Dr. J. Kiarie

  • Awareness on the use of ARU drugs and other preventive measures to reduce MTCT of HIV among postnatal women in KNH 2005.

  • Dr. G. M. Ogweno

    Supervisors: Dr. P. M. Ndavi

    Dr. Njogu.

  • Treatment (teletherapy) outcome and mortality of cancer of cervix at KNH 5 year review 2005.

  • Dr. G. M. Ogweno

    Supervisors: Dr. P. M. Ndavi

    Dr. Njogu

  • The early perinatal outcome in cases delivered by caesarean section following diagnosis of severe foetal distress 2002.

  • Norplant subderenal contraceptive experience at a rural hospital western Kenya (Litein Hosptial) 2002.

  • Dr. S. K. Rotich

    Supervisors: Dr. P. M. Ndavi

    Dr. R. K. Rukaria.

  • Risk factors associated with meconeum staining of ammotic fluid in labour at KNH 2002.

  • Morbidity and mortality from gestational choriocarcinoma at KNH from 1992-2000. 2002.

  • Dr. C. W. Nderi

    Supervisors: Dr. J. B. O. Oyieke

    Dr. J. K. Ruminjo.

  • Prevalence of anaemia in pregnancy among the Maasao women in West Rift Valley 2002.

  • Risk factors and seasonal pattern(s) of ectopic pregnancy at KNH.

  • Dr. S. O. Miyoro

    Supervisors: Dr. J. K. Ruminjo.

    Dr. J. Machoki

  • Obstetric performance of teenage mothers in a rural set-up, Machakos District.

  • Role of myomectomy in the management of uterine fibroids at KNH.

  • Dr. J. K. Sammy.

    Supervisors: Dr. J. K. Ruminjo.

    Dr. G. Wanyoike.

  • Urinary tract infections in pregnancy:- A survey in women attending ANT at KNH 2002.

  • Hormone replacement therapy: Knowledge, attitudes and practices among nurses working in the Obsatetrics and Gynaecology departments in four major hospitals in Nairobi 2002.

  • Dr. M.M. Essajee.

    Supervisors: Dr. S. H. M. Wanjala.

    Dr. E. A. Bukusi.

  • Maternal complications in Eclempsia at KNH 1999-2000. 2002.

  • Patients awareness of their diagnosis and management at gynaecology outpatient clinic at KNH 2002.

  • Dr. J. M. Wasiche

    Supervisors: Dr. P. M. Ndavi

    Dr. Alice Mutungi.

  • Near-miss maternal morbidity at KNH 2002.

  • Acceptance of post abortal contraception in the teenagery in Kiambu District Hospital 2002.

  • Dr. A. M. Murage

    Supervisors: Brig. Waweru Mathu

    Z. P. Quresgi.

  • Quality of antenatal care at KNH 2002.

  • Acceptability of semen donor programme among University of Nairobi Medical students at KNH 2002.

  • Dr. A. W. Gachoki

    Supervisors: Dr. J. B. O. Oyieke.

    Dr. G. W. Jaldesa.

  • Pregnancy outcome in women with underdetermined gestation presenting in labour at Pumwani Maternity Hospital 2002.

  • A review of the management of sexual assault at KNH (1997-2005). 2002.

  • Dr. A. J. Toro

    Supervisors: Dr. Koigi Kamau.

    Dr. Alice Mutungi

  • Review of pregnancy outcome in patients with hypertensive disease in pregnancy at Pumwani Maternity Hospital 2002.

  • Role of mefenamic acid in control of regular uterine bleeding following norplant use at the Family Welfare Clinic at KNH 2002

  • Dr. J. Wangwe

    Supervisors: Dr. J. B. O. Oyieke

    Dr. Rukaria

  • Prevalence of bacterial vaginosis among pregnant women in a peri-urban population.

  • Norplant: Knowledge, attitude and practice among FP providers in Central Province of Kenya.

  • Dr. J. G. Mwangi

    Supervisors: Prof. J. G. Karanja

    Dr. E. A. Bukusi

  • Management of uterine rupture at Pumwani Maternity Hospital 1996 2001. 2002.

  • To determine the sero-prevalence of HIV in patients with PID/pelvic in acute gynaecological ward in KNH 2002.

  • Dr. J. G. Karanja

    Supervisors: Prof. J. G. Karanja

    Dr. P. B. Gichangi.

  • Post-caesarean section wound sepsis in a district hospital. 2002.

  • Review of colposcopic management of abnormal PAP smear at Kenya Medical Women Association clinic Nairobi.

  • Dr. L. W. Kabare

    Supervisors: Dr. R. K. Kamau

    Dr. S. Wanyoike.

  • A five year review of ruptured uterus managed at KNH 2002.

  • Factors associated with the amount of blood loss during elective TAH in Nazareth Hospital 2002.

  • Dr. J. W. Ngatia

    Supervisors: Dr. R. K. Kamau

    Dr. E. Cheserem.

  • A study on use of anticonvulsants in pre-eclampsis and eclempsia among obstetricians in Nairobi.

  • KAP study concerning risk factors for cervical cancer among university students.

  • Dr. K. Lubano

    Supervisors: Dr. Z. P. Qureshi

    Dr. A. Mutungi

  • Indications and pregnancy outcome of induction of labout at KNH 2002.

  • Contraceptive knowledge, attitude and practice among nurses in a rural set-up (Kerugoya, Kenya).

  • Dr. J. M. Njangi

    Supervisors: Dr. S. H. M. Wanjala

    Dr. Omondi Ogutu.

  • Knowledge, attitude and practice of safe motherhood among women attending ANC in

    a rural district - Narok, Kenya.

  • Abnormal cervical cytology among women in a rural Kenyan population - Narok


  • Dr. B. B, Kigen

    Supervisors: Dr. Omondi Ogutu

    Dr. J. Machoki

  • A survery on breastfeeding patterns resumption of menstruation and contraceptive use among breasfeeding FP/MCH clients at KNH. 2002.

  • A study on knowledge, attitude, practice and behaviour towards HIV/AIDS, HIV screening and AZT therapy among pregnant women attending ANC at KNH. 2002.

  • Dr. D. W. Kamau

    Supervisors: Prof. S. B. O. Ojwang

    Dr. W. Obwaka.

  • A comparison of vaginal misoprostal and dinopostel in induction of labour at KNH.

  • Knowledge, attitude and practice of male contraception among male military personnel at Kahawa Garrison Nairobi

  • Dr. E. O. Osewe

    Supervisors: Dr. G. Wanyoike

    Dr. P. O. Ondongo

  • Assessment of quantity and quality of ANC services at KNH.

  • Knowledge, perception and prevalence of HIV infection among patients with abortion at KNH.

  • Dr. J. Kinuthia

    Supervisors: Brg. Waweru Mathu

    Dr. G. Wanyoike

  • A comparative study of pregnancy outcome between mothers arriving first and second stage of labour at KNH labour ward. 2003.

  • A cross-sectional study on knowledge, attitude and practice of PAP smear amongst women attending MCH/FP clinic at Maragwa District Hosptial 2003.

  • Dr. G. P. Mwangi

    Supervisors: Prof. S. B. O. Ojwang

    Dr. E. Cheserem.

  • Maternal and neonatal outcome in patients presenting with preterm rupture of membranes (PPROM) at KNH.

  • Knowledge, attitude and practice of vasectomy by nurses at PGH Nakuru.

  • Dr. R. M. Orina

    Supervisors: Dr. J. B. O. Oyieke

    Dr. F. X. Odawa

  • Labour outcome of patients presenting in latent phase of labour at KNH 2003.

  • Acceptability of FP with special reference to usage of emergency contraception of patients being treated for post-abortion complications in a rural set up. 2003.

  • Dr. E. W. Murage

    Supervisors: Dr. J. B. O. Oyieke

    Dr. C. Wasike

  • Outcome of pregnancy in patients with hypertensive disease at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, 2003.

  • Knowledge, attitude and practice of minimal access surgery among obstetricians/gynaecologists in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Dr. T. Obura

    Supervisors: Prof. S. B. O. Ojwang

    Dr. Z. P. Qureshi.

  • Knowledge, attitude and practice on perinatal HIV transmission and preventive measures among antenatal mothers at KNH. 2003.

  • Post abortion care services at KNH 2003.

  • Dr. J. O. Ongech

    Supervisors: Dr. J. Machoki M'Munya

    Dr. W. Khisa.

  • Ectopic presentation at it is seen in a rural district Hospital - a five year retrospective study 2003.

  • Current management of patients with primary caesarean section scar at KNH 2003.

  • Dr. A. O. Akula

    Supervisors: Dr. Brig. Waweru Mathu

    Dr. P.B. Gichangi

  • Effectg of buscopain (hyoscine butybortmide) injection on the terminal dilatation phase of physiological labour at Aga Khan Hospital, 2002.

  • Review of risk factors associated with vesico-vaginary fistula in West Pokot District.

  • Dr. H. M. Mabeya

    Supervisors: Dr. R. K. Rukaria.

    Dr. F. Mwangi.