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 Welcome to the School of Education, the School was established in 1988 as the Faculty of Education of the University of Nairobi. Since its inception, the School has committed itself to developing and enhancing various academic programs in the area of teacher education: right from pre-school through to primary; secondary; and; university level.

The School has been and continues to be a major contributor to the professional development of teachers in both arts-based and science-based disciplines. In addition, the School has a vibrant graduate program through which it has become a major contributor towards research in and acquisition of skills in the planning, management and the maintenance of quality in educational institutions. Thus, the School is playing a very dynamic role in human capital development in the Education sector for sustainable development. The School intends to maintain a leadership role in the generation of new knowledge, ideas and innovative pedagogical skills leading to enhancement of quality of life for humanity.

As a learner in this School, you would be representing the cream of the society and therefore, will be expected to contribute towards the enhancement of reputation and credibility of the University of Nairobi. I am confident that, the School of Education will help you discover the best there is in you.

Once again  welcome to the School of Education. Let us grow together. Karibu Sana.

Wanjala Genevieve Were
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