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Message from the Dean

I take this opportunity to welcome you most warmly to the School of Continuing and Distance Education web page. The School is one of the oldest academic units in the University of Nairobi. It started its activities in Kenya in the 1950s, and has since expanded its range of programmes to other parts of the country. The vision and mission of the school is to be a center of excellence in the provision of distance, adult and continuing education and related fields of knowledge and develop professionalism in distance, adult and continuing education.

Our main objective as a School is to develop and offer flexible programmes using innovative open and distance learning technologies to provide university education. The school has developed both intra and extra-university collaborations and partnerships in research and provision of university education to all those who desire it. We place a high premium on accessible and convenient methods of learning. The School offers courses ranging from certificates, diplomas, degree and postgraduate levels spread across its academic departments.

We aim to introduce and use the emerging communication technologies innovatively and make the University of Nairobi the most sought after in the country and in the region.

Once again, I invite you to the School of Continuing and Distance Education website. Feel free to sample the programmes offered by the various departments. I am sure you will find it exciting and worthwhile.

Thank you.

Dr. Guantai Mboroki,

Dean, School of Continuing and Distance education

Mboroki Jonah H. Guantai
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