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Centre For Open And Distance Learning (codl)

The Teaching-learning System

The delivery of the programmes in FSC/FES/SBS is through the distance mode. The main medium of instruction used is the print in the form of self-instructional printed modules. These serve in the place of the teachers as they contain the subject content and instructional devices to guide you as learners.

To support the printed modules, academic support services are provided by:

  •  Face to face tuitions during residential sessions which will largely be spent on introduction of the courses doing high level practicals where applicable unpacking difficult concepts, revisions.

  •  Regional resources in the Extra-Mural Centres and other identified institutions.

  •  Library services both on campus and regional.

  •  Correspondence tuitions and guidance through comments on assignments, e-mail,sms and circular letters.

  • Audio-visual support especially for practicals to be provided in the near future.

  •  Computer mediated instructional materials(e-learning) through Extra-Mural Centres.

  • The face to face tuition constitutes a maximum of the instructional time. It means that the Modules provide the core of learning with only minimum supplement from face to face tuition and other academic support services.

    The face to face tuition is provided by the course lecturers and course tutors during study sessions and tutorial sessions that are programmed during the year.

    The 1 st tutorial sessions will be done from Wednesday basically introducing the modules for 1 st Semester.