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Centre For Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Cebib Activities

CEBIB has a number of activties geared towards strengthening national capabilities in the field of biotechnology and bioinformatics through training, research and stengthening regional and and international cooperations and networks. Some of the activities are have already been launched while others are to be specified in the phases that will follow.

Training and Capacity Building Section

CEBIB has formed the nucleus for training in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for the entire country and the region. Due to its diverse capability and availability of basic requirements, the University of Nairobi is the only institution in a position to produce reasonable numbers of scientists in the near future with biotechnological and bioinformatics background. A number of postgraduate students already utilize tissue culture and recombinant DNA techniques in their investigations. Training in Bioinformatics has previously been conducted in the institution consistently. The Training Section is in collaboration with relevant teaching departments for organizing postgraduate programmes leading to degrees of the University of Nairobi . CEBIB offers Postgraduate Diploma, MSc and Ph.Dprogrammes in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. In addition, the Centre will organize short-term training courses, workshops and seminars. Short and long-term training of technologists will also be undertaken.

Strengthening Regional and International Cooperation and Networks

Establishment of linkagess is required with other such institutions in Africa and globally to ensure that International Standards are achieved and maintained at CEBIB. In addition such cooperation is required for sourcing of foreign technologies, funds and collaboration to maximize on foreign aid and expertise.

Resource Mobilization for Sustainability

CEBIB is involved in developing strategies for coordinating financing for research to ensure they more effective used in the realization of economic development. CEBIB encourages opportunities for contractual research and pursue other sources of funding from project overheads and fees for services. For long-term funding CEBIB hopes to initiate a discussion and collaboration program with a number funding agencies for the establishment of appropriate funding avenues. 

Production Section

This section is involved in carrying out pilot trials of products resulting from the research section for commercialization purposes. It will rely heavily on the market situation and demand and will pursue collaboration with existing industries and government establishments. This will involve both commercializsation and marketing of biotechnology products. Requirements for this section will be compiled as the center develops into its third phase.