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School Of Dental Sciences


The School of Dental Science also serves as a Dental Teaching Hospital for the university. Because of this role, the school has capacity for and offers the following services to both the university community and the public through involving students who provide dental services as a way of learning.


Dental Diagnosis


This involves diagnoses of dental problems in the school’s Oral and Maxiollofacial clinic after which the patients are sent to the various areas of specialist areas.

Pediatric Clinic

Conservative clinic

Periodontology clinic





The students prepare dentures under tutors’ supervision for the olds patients.




The department of Oral and Maxiollofacial Surgery, Medicine and Pathology has an x-ray unit, which provides services to patients attended in the school clinics and also those from out side.




The School has a full-fledged theatre, which operates over ten patients in a week. Oral and Maxiollofacial surgeons who trained in the school do operations.


Remedial Training


This is given as a postgraduate services to doctors who have been trained out of the country. The course conducted at the School is designed for graduates trained outside Kenya who may wish to prepare themselves to sit for the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board Examinations and also those practitioners wishing to gain more competence in their specialized areas of dentistry.  The courses are designed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills for individuals who are holders of Bachelor of Dental Surgery from a recognized University.