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Institute Of Diplomacy And International Studies

Faculty News and Events

  • Conference on Prospects and Challenges of Peace and security in the Region”, Nairobi, 25-26 November, 2010

  • Core Values Of Idis

  • We create and maintain a sense of belonging, project a positive image of the Institute, and maintain collective responsibility. We engage in teamwork and seek to build strong relationships with all stakeholders.

  • We respect human rights.

  • We foster a strong and committed sense of social responsibility and citizenship in our students and staff.

  • We embrace innovation, independence of mind and proactive ness among staff and students in the resolution of problems and issues.

  • We are committed to the development of morally and ethically upright professionals.

  • We uphold integrity, honesty and meritocracy in all our activities.

  • We practice participatory management.

  • We always effectively and efficiently utilize all resources entrusted to the Institute.

  • We value and respect all members of staff and students.

  • We carry out our duties with commitment, dedication and professionalism.

  • We individually and collectively nurture the compliance with these core values.