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Centre For Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Strengthening Capacity Through Partnership And Network


International Links; Collaborating Partners and Networks   

CEBIB following its establishment has relied on various forms of collaborations and networking arrangements in order to fulfill its core vision and mission in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics research and capacity development.  In accordance with the University strategic plan and research policy, CEBIBís approach to forming partnerships begins with the taking stock of the comparative advantages within various institutions.  CEBIB purposefully, cultivates and nurtures the collaboration in a way that will enhance the output and effectiveness in realizing its strategic goals.


Various forms of Linkages and Collaborations have been developed with international research institutions, regional and national R&D systems, advanced laboratories as well as universities.


In terms of research and capacity development, CEBIB is currently working with the following networks and partner institutions.


CEBIB has established a number of links with National and International Research Institutions.  The goal is to enhance capacity training program to the required International standards.  These links offer our postgraduate students attachment and training opportunities in these institutions.


            They include the following:


-                      University of Manitoba-KEMRI-UNITID-CEBIB Links

-                      Department of Virology & Developmental Genetics, Faculty of Health sciences, Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Israel

-                      Brielle Laboratories Ltd

-                      University of Melbourne, Australia

-                      Inqaba biotech, South Africa

-                      Life Labs, South Africa

-                      African Biomedical Centre (ABC)  

-                      KEMRI/CDC

-                      ILRI/BecA