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9 Jun 2009

University Joint Admissions Board launches web site

The Joint Admissions Board (JAB) has launched a web site to extend its reach to the candidates seeking admission in any of the public universities in Kenya.

Located at, the web site contains guidelines on eligibility of candidates and the application procedures. It also contains information on the degree programs offered by all the public universities and their constituent colleges. The candidates are also able to download the latest clusters to enlighten them on what they would require to qualify for any of the degree courses.

Given that some candidates may not be able to attain the cut-off points required for the courses they chose before sitting the exams, many would normally wish to revise their choices. This web site explains the procedures of how this would be done and gives the requisite deadlines.

The web site also lists a set of "Frequently Asked Questions". Included in this list are answers for common questions like: What criteria does JAB use to admit students to the public universities? Does JAB admit applicants with other qualifications such as I.G.S.E, I.B, and G.C.E? What is the difference between a government-sponsored student and a self-sponsored student in the public university? Is it possible to transfer from one degree programme to another after the JAB selection?

The web site also gives the contacts of all academic registrars in all the public universities and their constituent colleges to facilitate easy communication and engagement with the candidates.

In this digital era, most candidates and their parents/guardians find it easy and cost-effective to browse web sites than write to or visit the JAB secretariat in Nairobi to get information. With the web site, any Internet connection location will be a virtual JAB office and service point.

The web site is simple, light-weight and easy to use. It also has redundant navigation links to enable the users to tell where there are, where they could go and where they have been. It is designed and hosted by the ICT Centre, University of Nairobi.

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