Theory and Practice of Governance in Kenya Theory and Practice of Governance in Kenya
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Theory and Practice of Governance in Kenya takes a civic engagement perspective in dealing with core concepts and their application to the governance realm in Kenya. The book treats governance and its development in Kenya in a simplified but comprehensive manner with the aims of connecting with as large a reading public as possible and providing source material for civic engagement. These aims are enhanced through clear development of key concepts, pictorial illustrations and provisions of discussion questions at the end of each chapter.
The book has three parts, constituting twelve chapters. The first deals with the theory of governance by considering the centrality of national core values, political ideology, political parties, party manifestos, and national leadership. The authors state that good governance is premised on sound and widely internalized national core values which in turn inform political ideology, structure political partieis and define the articulation of party manifestos as well as enlighten national leadership. Part two addresses the practice of governance by looking at coalition politics, transition and change, resource allocation processes and form of socio-economic and political inclusion and/or exclusion as outcomes of governance. The thrust of the argument is that good governance practices facilitate workable coalition politics, real and recognizable political transitions and change, fair and equitable national resource allocation and enhanced socio-economic and political inclusion. Part three discusses the outcome of governance practices. The authors maintain that communication may enhance participation and buttress good governance as long as associated freedoms and ethics are assured. Hope, reconciliation and peace building are presented as key aspects in the sustenance of good governance.
The book benefits throughout from the authorís substantial experience as academics and consultants for varied organizations and should be indispensable reading for scholars and practitioners alike.
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