Economic Evaluation of Public Health Problems in sub-Saharan Africa Economic Evaluation of Public Health Problems in sub-Saharan Africa
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Sub-Saharan Africa countries experience a heavy burden of disease leading to immense human suffering, loss of millions of lives, and significant economic losses every year. Due to resource constraints, the continents national health systems are too weak to adequately tackle the disease burden. The scarcity of health systems resources requires that all available resources are invested exclusively in public health interventions with the highest expected “value for money”. It is unethical and immoral to waste the limited life-saving or health-maintaining resources.
Economic Evaluation of Public Health Problems in sub-Saharan Africa is the first book of its kind on economic evaluations in sub-Saharan Africa. The book examines the various methods used by policy-makers to identify and choose public health interventions, services, and programmes that maximize health benefits to society. The book carefully weaves lectures, articles and case studies on Africa to equip students and practitioners of economics, medicine, nursing, and public health with the much needed knowledge and skills to undertake costing, cost-minimization analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis and cost benefit analysis of public health interventions.
Joses Muthuri Kirigia has a PhD in Health Economics from the University of York, UK. He has worked as a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Health Economics Masters program at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The author has published over 60 articles in peer reviewed journals in the broad areas of health economics and public health. He is the Senior Editor of the International Archives of Medicine and an Associate Editor of the Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation e-Journal. Dr. Kirigia is the Programme Manager for Health Financing and Social Protection at the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office in Congo, Brazzaville.
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