Prof.midiwo Jacob O

Prof.midiwo Jacob O

Academic Qualifications:

1976: BSC. (Hons) Chemistry, University of Nairobi 1981: Ph.D Organic Chemistry, University of Maryland

Curriculum Vitae:

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Publications (56 Records)

  • Carolina Echeverry, Florencia Arredondo, Juan Andres Abin-Carriquiry, Jacob Ogweno Midiwo, Charles Ochieng, Leonidah Kerubo and Federico Dajas. Pretreatment with Natural Flavones and Neuronal Cell Survival after Oxidative Stress: A Structure−Activity Relationship Study. J. Agric. Food Chem., 2010, 58 (4), pp 21112115 - 2010

       J. Agric. Food Chem.

  • Volodymyr Samoylenko, Melissa R. Jacob, Shabana I. Khan, Jianping Zhao, Babu L.Tekwani, Jacob O Midiwo, Larry A. Walker and Ilias Muhammad( 2009) Anti-microbial, Antiparasitic, and Cytotoxic Spermine Alkaloids from Albizia schimperiana.Natural Products Communications. 4 (6) 791-796. - 2009

       Albizia schimperiana

  • Jacob O Midiwo, F. M. Omoto, A. Yenesew, H.M. Akala, J. Wangui, P. Liyala, C. Wasuna, N.C. Waters. The first 9-hydroxy isoflavanone and anti-plasmodial chalcones from the aerial exudates of Polygonum senegalense. - 2007

       Arkivoc (ix) 21-27

  • B.F. Juma, Jacob O. Midiwo, A. Yenesew, P.G. Waterman, M. Heydenreich, M.G. Peter. Three ent-trachylobane diterpenes from the leaf exudates of Psiadia punctulata. - 2006

       Phytochemistry 67, 1322-1325

  • Antimicrobial flavonoids from the stem bark of Erythrina burttii - 2005

       Fitotherapia, 469-472

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