Prof.nteere Jacob S.

Prof.nteere Jacob S.

Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D.M.Ed.,University of Manchester (U.K),Advanced Diploma in Physical Education,University of Leeds (U.K.),C.N.A.A Diploma in Educational Technology,Plymouth Polytechnic (U.K.), S1 TeachersíCertiticate in P.E.,Kenyatta College

Areas of Specialization:

Comparative Physical Education and Sports, Psychology of P.E and sports.

Curriculum Vitae:

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Publications (13 Records)

  • The politics of Global Sport: Politicization of sport in England and Kenya. - 1992

       8th Biennal Conference of I.S.C.P.E.S, Houston, June 12-18 1992

  • The role of Developing Nations in International Sport: The case of Kenya. - 1992

       8th Biennial Conference of I.S.C.P.E.S. Houston, June 12-18 1992

  • "The structure and Organization of sport in Kenya and Malawi" in Sports for All into the 90s I.S.C.P.E.S" volume 7, Meyer & Mayer Verlag, Aachen Germany, 1991. - 1991

  • Physical Education and Sport in Higher Education in Kenya. - 1990

       University of Manchester -1990

  • The structure and Organization for Sport in Kenya and Malawi. A Comparative Analysis - 1990

       (I.S.C.P.E.S Conference, Bisham Abbey England: July 1990).

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