Dr.kitonyi Grace Wanjiku

Dr.kitonyi Grace Wanjiku

Academic Qualifications:

MBChB(Nairobi) MRC Path(UK) FRC Path(UK)

Areas of Specialization:

Haemostasis, transfusion medicine and clinical oncology

Curriculum Vitae:

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Publications (26 Records)

  • Radiation synovectomy: treatment option for haemophilia Patients. East African Medical Journal, 2009: 86: Supl 36, 71-74 - 2009

  • Prevalence of cytomegalovirus antibodies in Donors at the National Blood Transfusion Centre East African Medical Journal 2009: 86; Supl 36, 58-61 - 2009

  • Paeditric thrombosis in Kenya Jounal of Haemostasis and Thrombosis, 2009 7 Supl 2 452 - 2009

  • Kenya Regional Standards for Blood Banks and transfusion services, - Oct.2005. Members of panel of experts contributors (Sponsored by American Association of Blood Banks and Center for Disease control). In preparations. - 2005


  • Mwanda OW, Kitonyi GW, Owade JN, Njenga G, Kasili EG. Role of fine needle aspiration in the diagnosis of neoplasms. East Afr Med J. 2001 May;78(5):225. - 2001

    In the period 1985-88, 171 fine needle aspirates from paediatric patients with malignant and non-neoplastic masses were processed and evaluated in the Department of Haematology, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. Sixty-five needle aspirates had the diagnosis corroborated by histological reports. The rest had relevant clinical and laboratory information to support the cytological diagnosis. The histological diagnosis confirmed cytological diagnosis in 100% for neuroblastoma, 96% for Burkitt's lymphoma, 75% for carcinoma, 68% for sarcoma cases, 53% non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and 50% for Hodgkin's lymphoma. There were no false positives. It is therefore concluded that fine needle aspiration is a useful tool. It may obviate diagnostic surgery, help in planning the course of management of patients and it is diagnostic in Burkitt's lymphoma and neuroblastoma. Fine needle aspiration cytology is an easy, cheap and quick investigation compared to surgical biopsy.

       East Afr Med J. 2001 May;78(5):225.

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