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Students that I Supervise

  • Ayuka Teboh Fombong (PhD)
    Research Title - Studies on chemical ecology and molecular characterization of beetle pests of honeybeee colonies in Kenya
  • Baraiywo, Monicah Jepkemboi (Bachelors)
    Research Title - Diversity of soil invertebrates in different land-use types at Karura Forest, Kenya
  • Crispus Wambugu Maribie (Masters)
    Research Title - Survey of soil mites (Acari) diversity and densities in different land use types in Embu and Taita Districts, Kenya
  • Edward Githinji Kareithi (PhD)
    Research Title - Determination of impact of insecticide resistance and efficacy on malaria vector control initiatives in western kenya
  • Emily N. Kitivo (Masters)
    Research Title - The diversity and abundance of subterenean termites in different land cover types: A case study of Embu and Taita Hills, Kenya.
  • Eunice Anyango Owino (Masters)
    Research Title - 5. Eunice A. Owino (2004). Field evaluation of limburger cheese as an odour-bait source for sampling Afrotropical malaria vectors.(Completed)
  • Evan Mathenge (PhD)
    Research Title - Evan Mathenge (2004). Development of an exposure-free bed-net trap for sampling Afro-tropical malaria vectors
  • Flora Njeri Namu (Masters)
    Research Title - Effects of forest disturbance on butterfly diversity in Kakamega Forest National Reserve (K.F.N.R.), Western Kenya
  • Harrison M. Mugo (PhD)
    Research Title - Management of coffee pests in Kenya: Integration of predacious mites and the actions of some environmentally accepted compounds.
  • Humpden N. Nyamweya (Masters)
    Research Title - An assessment of butterfly species diversity in relation to plant structure in Mt. Marsabit National Park, Kenya
  • Kenneth Njoroge Mwangi (Masters)
    Research Title - Bee diversity and floral resource utilization around the Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Coast Province, Kenya
  • Mandarina Gishinga Njoroge (Bachelors)
    Research Title - Effect of waste disposal on soil arthropds: A case study of waste disposal sites in Muthurwa area, Nairobi.
  • Mugo, Lydia Wambui (Bachelors)
    Research Title - Astudy of diversity of soil mesofauna and macrofauna at different forest management sites at Karura Forest, Kenya
  • Ngunjiri, John Muthumbi (Bachelors)
    Research Title - Host-blood discrimination and its effect on survival of Stomoxys calcitrans and Stomoxys niger niger
  • Ogodo, Jennifer Atieno (Bachelors)
    Research Title - Community structure and activity patterns of Stomoxyinae in Chiromo, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Philip M. Ngumbi (PhD)
    Research Title - Experimental control of sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) using entomopathogenic fungi (Hyphomycetes) in captivity and in the field.
  • Samuel Kabochi Kamau (Masters)
    Research Title - Effects of insecticide-treated stable nets on Glossina (Glossinidae, trypanosomiasis and other Diptera
  • Simon Mbugua Mugatha (Masters)
    Research Title - The influence of land use patterns on diversity and abundance of rodents in Gachoka Division of Mbeere District, Kenya
  • Vennansio Tumuhaise (PhD)
    Research Title - Evaluation of entomopathogenic fungi and commercial bacillus thuringiensis for the management of Maruca vitrata on cowpea