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Students that I Supervise

  • Barasa, Joseph (PhD)
    Research Title - Modeling Bankruptcy of Financial Institutions in Kenya
  • Chemarum, Caroline (Masters)
    Research Title - Market Reaction to Stock Splits: An Empirical Evidence from the NSE
  • Gathige, Simon (Masters)
    Research Title - Budgeting Practices and Challenges in Dairy Co-operative Societies in Kenya
  • Gichuru, Richard (Masters)
    Research Title - An Investigation of the Benefits and Challenges of the Merger Between Commercial Bank of Africa and First American Bank
  • Kabaka, Boniface (Masters)
    Research Title - A survey of the Need for Regulatory Framework on Electronic Trading at the NSE
  • Kimathi, Henry (Masters)
    Research Title - An Empirical test of Applicability of Constant Dividend model by Companies Listed at the NSE
  • Kithinji Angela (PhD)
    Research Title - Effects of Credit Risk Management on the Profitability of Commercial Banks in Kenya
  • Korir, M.K (Masters)
    Research Title - An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Tax Cash Flows and the Key Factors Determining The Quantum of Indirect Taxes in the Oil Industry
  • Matengo, Meshack (Masters)
    Research Title - The Relationship Between Corporate Governance Practices and Performance: The Case of Banking Industry in Kenya
  • Menya, Leonard (Masters)
    Research Title - The Challenges of Budgetary Practices among SACCOs in Kenya
  • Musyoka, Leonard (Masters)
    Research Title - The Relationship Between Executive Compensation and Firm Performance in the Kenyan banking Industry
  • Musyoki, Danson (PhD)
    Research Title - The Term Structure of Interest Rates and Economic Growth in Kenya
  • Muthinji, Eutycus (Masters)
    Research Title - Challenges of Budget Implementation in Public Sector Organizations: A case Study of the Commission for Higher Education in Kenya
  • Muthungu, Philip (Masters)
    Research Title - Financial Feasibility of Using Endowment Fund Mechanism to Finance and Sustain Development Projects in Kenya
  • Mutswenje, Vincent (Masters)
    Research Title - A Survey of the Factors Influencing Investment Decisions: The case of Individual Investors at the NSE
  • Mwakidedi, Julie (Masters)
    Research Title - A Survey of the Factors Affecting the Use of Credit cards in Kenya: A case Study of Post Bank
  • Mwaniki, Kennedy (Masters)
    Research Title - ): Performance Measurement of CDF Committees in Nairobi
  • Odhiambo, Linda (Masters)
    Research Title - An Empirical Investigation of the Correlation Between Accounting Based and Market Based Performance measures for Companies Quoted at the NSE
  • Odondi, Kennedy (Masters)
    Research Title - An analysis of the Financial and Operating performance of the Newly Privatized Enterprises in Kenya
  • Opati, Duncan (Masters)
    Research Title - A Study of Casual Relationship Between Inflation and Exchange Rates in Kenya
  • Siele, Willies (Masters)
    Research Title - An Empirical Investigation of the relationship Between Selected Macro-Economic Variables and the NSE -20 Share Index
  • Simiyu, Nicholas (PhD)
    Research Title - Responsive Regulation and Property Tax Collection Disparities Among Selected Local Authorities in Kenya
  • Wambugu, Elizabeth (Masters)
    Research Title - Initial Public Offer as a Source of Finance to Kenyan Companies: A case of Listed Companies at the NSE